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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Where are tutoring sessions held?

A:Tutoring sessions take place in my home.

Q: How often are sessions scheduled?

A: Tutoring sessions are usually scheduled once per week, but can be more or less 

often depending on the studentís needs. A session can run any length, depending on what is needed and how much the student can absorb. The typical session is one hour.

Q:How many sessions are needed?

A: Sessions typically run through the end of the school year and summertime tutoring is available. 

Q:How long will it be until results are seen?

A:Some students respond quickly to tutoring while others take longer. After a few sessions, Mrs. Hopkins will know what you can reasonably expect, and she will discuss this with the student and parents. Although there are many factors, the most important factor to consider is how much time the student is willing to work on self-discipline in order to learn.

Q:How will I know how my child is doing?

A:Parents will receive a written report charting the childís progress periodically.The report will contain evaluation results, an attendance record and Parent Tips for your information.

**Special Note**

I expect each child to reach levels of success in education and discipline to excel in education and holistic development.